Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Time to Formulate a Debt Busting Plan!

If you followed my advice and made a list of ALL debts then you are probably feeling pretty blue right now.

What is your next step?

Well I hope you have been busy checking into lowering your insurance rates, getting on some budget plans with utility companies and clipping coupons to save on groery shopping! That IS a very good start!

I do hope you have called the local Consumer Credit Counseling Agency in your area to see if they could assist you.

What you really want to do now it formulate a plan to start knocking off debts.

Sell some items you don't need or want on Ebay, have a yard sale or take items to a consignment shop. Any or all of these can bring in some extra cash that you can apply yo your debts.

Is overtime available where you work? If it is consider working say five extra hours per week and apply this extra money to your debts.

Create small goals that are obtainable. Winning the lottery is not an obtainble goal :)

Putting in some extra hours at work and selling off stuff you don't need ARE things that are obtainable.

If you did not have luck getting help through CCC, then I would take the extra money and apply it to your credit card that has the highest interest. If you don't have credit card debt then apply the extra money to things like medical bills or even your car payment to help get it paid off faster.

Make some goals and get some plans in action!


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